Articles for March 2017

When is a Veterinarian Necessary?

Are you tired of paying hefty bills to your veterinary expert regularly? Then you can have various ways to curb the cost easily. Pets along with care and love also demand a regular check up so that they can be healthy and fit. Thus, you may have to pay a good amount towards the treatment cost. But there are certain ways that can help you to decrease the bill amount significantly.

Look for discount offers: instead of relying on your regular vet surgeon you can search for the vet clinics which are known for offering good discounts on the treatments. Take the help of your phone book or go online to search them and choose a clinic which is suitable for you in terms of the charges, requirements and location.

  • Ask your friends: if you think that sticking to your regular veterinarian is good for your pet and you don’t want to leave him, then you can simply ask for the discount offers. It is normal that when you are giving him business on a regular basis, you can ask for it.
  • Work part time to get a discount: for the whopping discounts on your pet’s treatment you can also consider working in the clinic on a part time basis. Generally the vet clinics tend to offer good discounts on treatment cost to their employees.
  • Plan it for discounts: generally local authorities and state governments offer some discount treatment offers to the pets. You can search them and accordingly plan your pet’s checkup.

Find The Right Veterinary Service Provider For Your Pets Treatment

If you have a pet in your home, then you are well aware of the fact that apart from giving your pets balanced food and lots of exercises, you must take them to a good vet clinic so that your pets can be healthy and live longer. But finding such a clinic is not always easy. Rather, you have to be very cautious in the selection of the vet clinic so that your pet can get proper treatment. When you have good veterinarian, you can expect that your furry friend will get the ideal treatment. You can make your selection process easier when you follow a few points which you need to check before hiring the expert.

  • Location: the location is one of the most important things in this list. When choosing a vet clinic you must consider the location, especially when you have to carry your pet to the clinic often. The proximity of the clinic is also helpful in case of emergency.
  • Professionalism: veterinary service is not at all an easy job to provide; thus along with the education and experience, it needs dedication to the work and patience. Choose those who have all these traits.
  • Types of services provided: not all the veterinarian caters same kind of services to their patients; while some of them are specialized in providing treatment of the muscular disorders, some are efficient in treating other kinds of health problems. Thus, depending on the services provided you have to choose the specialist.

How Can Advances in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery Help Dogs with Spine Problems?

Spine problems don’t occur only in humans. Dogs are also exposed to nerve damage, spinal cord injuries and other similar diseases that affect their health and well-being. Sometimes, these medical conditions make dogs unable to stand or walk properly. Besides, they can be quite painful, so the poor animals are usually put to sleep, in order to find their relief from pain. Luckily, such cases are less common lately, thanks to the amazing technology advances that have direct applications in veterinary medicine. You can have your dog diagnosed in as little as minutes, provided that your vet uses such modern devices that enable them to perform accurate tests on their canine patients.

Advances in various branches of medicine such as neurology and neurosurgery have made it possible to heal many medical conditions once considered incurable. These advanced techniques and equipment have found their use in veterinary neurology and neurosurgery, thus helping dogs with various spinal problems improve their condition, and therefore their quality of life. Dog owners are happy to know that they can find modern veterinary clinics and hospitals nearby their homes, as there are situations in which such facilities can save the life of their pets. The faster they can take their sick dogs to a vet, the more chances they have to receive the most effective treatment.

female veterinarian in blue uniform hugging and talking to white fluffy labrador lying on table during check-up

Although dogs are quite intelligent, some of them fall victim to accidents. Some of them recover, but others develop severe spine problems that prevent them from walking properly. This is only one situation in which a dog may need neurosurgery. Dogs suffering from seizures can also benefit from advances in veterinary neurology and neurosurgery, and this list could go on for a long while.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injury and epilepsy are among the most common naturally occurring ailments in dogs. As these diseases make a lot of victims, the technology progress that helps vets treating and preventing them is more than welcome. Advanced diagnostic techniques can be real life-savers in both humans and pets. Such equipment has become widely available, many vet clinics offering this type of services to their patients.

Thanks to advanced medical technology, dogs with spinal problems can be diagnosed with much better accuracy. MRI and CT, including 3D image reconstruction, as well as ultrasound examinations are now possible. This is how vets can find and address many spinal problems in dogs. Besides, veterinary surgery is also more effective today than one or two decades ago. Vets can excise various tumors, thanks to modern techniques such as the ultrasonic tissue ablation systems. Spinal and intracranial surgery are common interventions, so many dog owners can treat their furry friends without having to travel to other cities or states. Besides, these advanced treatments have become a lot more affordable today than several years ago.

As you can see, dogs with spine problems have a much better future today, thanks to all these veterinary neurology and neurosurgery techniques and equipment. Early diagnoses allow vets to treat these dogs in incipient stages of their diseases, thus improving the healing rate and the patient prognosis. The only challenge scientists foresee is to find enough vets willing to receive this type of training, so that they can become experts in neurosurgery and neurology. As most vets prefer to treat the common diseases of dogs and cats, there are still very few specialists that can handle such difficult cases. Nonetheless, as new generations graduate from veterinary school, there is hope that many of these your vets are going to be attracted to this specialty.